1898, April 5- Letter from Rosalie Bauwens to Lewis Hesse, along with a fabric swatch & palm branch

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Transcript of letter:

St. Louis, Apr. 5, 1898

Dearest Lewis:

Your most welcome letter of the 3 at hand and read with pleasure.  You seem to have been disappointed dear at not receiving a letter beside your April fool letter.  well you’ll forgive my neglect won’t you Lu?  You had better not watch the girls up there too closely Lewis, especially not if I find it out, for I may get even by noticing some of the advances made by young men around here who notice that my genleman friend does not call any more.  Now dear don’t think because Joliet girls are in want of fellows that that is the case here, for I know one at least who is not nor ever was in want for gentlemen’s escort if she wants it.  J. W. & the little one are all “O.K.” and Lewis after they are all fixed up they will have a splendid home, you ought to see it.  And she only lives 2 blocks away.  Mr. and Mrs. G I suppose are happy, but I did not see them since they were married.  They live in one of the houses in the row on 18th Street on the S.E. corner of Ann Avenue and 18.  I’ll go to see them soon after I get my new dress.  I guess I’ll get my dress by Easter Sunday.  —————— Well Lewis when I wrote what is above that line it was not quite 8’oclock, but Dan Obrine came and the boys left with a friend of Edd Decklemen’s and Dan said he wouldn’t go with them, but would stay and talk to mamma and I so I had to stop my writing and listen to him.  My brothers are home again, it 20 min. to 11 o’clock and now I’m going to let them get rid of him as best they can and I’m going to finish my letter to you.  Dan brought his proof to the pictures he had taken, if I can sneak it so that no one knows I sent it to you, I’ll do so, but if I do you must surely send it back by the return mail.  For I would not let my folks know I wrote to you about him, they’d never get through teasing me.  Well now to continue my letter, for Dan just left and it’s 11 o’clock.  My new dress will be a fine one and it will be trimmed in white china silk and silk like the piece I send to you in this lettter, I do wish you could see it and tell me if you liked it.  All of my folks are getting along alright and ask me to remember them kindly to you.  I work one day like the other, only once in a while Besse & I have a round or two, for she’s of such a disagreeable disposition hardly anyone can get along with her.  Mr. Harrison is sometimes good and cranky and then again he’s real good.  Enid is the only one in the office that knows you are not in the city.  Here lately they don’t tease me so much about you, as they used to, for the war talk takes up most of their time, however I’ll give your best regards to Enid.  Lewis dear next Sunday is Easter Sunday, last year on that Sunday you were with me, this year I may only think of you, and then think you are maybe working hard, Lewis dearest I wouldn’t care if it was to help you work, I wish I could spend the day with you; surely I sometimes get so tired of not seeing you ever that I don’t know what to do.  Well I will now tell you how time passed for me since Friday evening.  I guess you think your just fine, getting a letter in a pink envelope and written on the same kind of paper, but you wouldn’t get it if I had not bought a whole box of it for 9 cents see?  Well dear Saturday at 4 o’clock I start out to buy silk for to trim my dress and I had a terrible time to match the ground of the goods of the dress, I run from store to store with Enid from 4 to 7 o’clock and finally got the silk of which I send you a small piece.  As I was eating supper J. came over with the baby and Dan came also.  J. went home and he went home later.  Sunday morning I went to church from 9 to 12, it was palm Sunday you know.  I prayed for  you dear indeed I did.  I send you a piece of Palm, and Lewis I want you to save it, for a wish of mine goes with it, and I will ask you to let me see it again someday.  Say dear I dreamed of you for the first time since you left.  Saturday night, and it was an awful dream.  But I won’t tell you it.  For dreams always go by contraries you know.  Well Sunday evening I went to J’s and helped her with putting up the lace curtains, she has fine ones.  We had a passibly good time but I went home early and got to bed by half past 10.  Monday I went to work and it was a terrible rainy day all day.  In the evening it turned awfully cold but I went to the dress makers and stopped in at Millers on my way back.  This morning I went to work and left my umbrella in the car, because I was so absent minded again.  I will send up to the Power House office to-morrow to see if I cannot get it back.  I would have gone my self this evening, but they close at 6 o’clock, and then it is bitter cold outside this evening, and I am taking the very best care of myself.  Well you old darling Lewis I’d like to write more but my eyes are almost closing and it is nearing 12 o’clock.  I hope I’ll get my umbrella back to-morrow.  Well I pray for you and my self also so good night dear, with one good long hug and lots of kisses I am still

Your very own


xxxxxxxxxxxx Kisses


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