1898, April 13 – Letter from Rosalie Bauwens to Lewis Hesse

Rosalie worries in a letter to Lewis that the war will further postpone their wedding plans and keep them apart longer.  Read a transcript of the letter below (original misspellings & all) or click on the image links to view the actual letter. As you read the transcript of the letter click on the links to view information & images about what they are discussing.


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Transcript of letter:

St. Louis, Apr. 13, 1898

My own Lewis: –

Your most welcome letter of the 12 was read before supper although I had no time to answer until just now (9 o’clock) as the young fellows I give lessons to came and he claimed my attention till this minute, now if I rush through this letter please overlook it as I have a letter to write to Geo. H yet this evening.  Well Lu dear, you complain of a “calling down” now I think we are about up sticks, as I think  you just gave me a good calling down in this last letter of yours for finding fault with you.  You see I did not mean to hurt your feelings dear, but I would not have you doubt me for one minute, and when your letter sounded as though you did, I up and told you, that is all there was to it, so Lu dear don’t feel bad about it anymore, that’s a good fellow see?  I think Lucy, we will have many a long talk in the future over our letters to each other, if the Lord is willing that we shall be married, and then many a little misunderstanding that cannot be explained on paper will be made clear and smooth don’t  you think so too dear?  Lu dear old bad boy, it takes me much longer than 1/2 hour to write to you as you say in your letter and although I am pleased to hear that it gives you pleasure to read my letters I can’t let you undervalue your own letters to me, for I am well satisfied with them and they are very much appreciated, see?  Don’t lose any sleep over the composing of your letters to me dear, just write what comes first into your mind and then when you read it over you will find it sounds a hundred times better than if you had spent an hour composing it.  That’s the way I do and you say my letters are all right.  I am sorry you didn’t have a letter Easter Sunday than you had dear but I can’t help it Lulu.  Lewis why were the bolt machines stopped Monday night?  I thought there were no lay offs to the work you were doing or to any other work in the mills.  Say when is Geo V. going to change your place any way?  I know you told me some time back that he would change all the hands or a good part of them in 2 months from then, but I think it’s a shame to keep you working at such work for so long a time and then laying you off to boot, even if it is only for one night.  You know dear sometimes I get real discouraged and think what’s the use, you & I will never marry any way, every thing seems to be against it.  Even if every thing else would be all right dear the war is sure to come and just as sure as it comes I will take almost every able-bodied man to put it down for the President with his delay has already given the Spainards too much advantage, I have long ago thought he was a half Spainard himself.  What he could have stoped with a hand-ful of men 6 weeks or so ago it will take every man to do now.  Lewis there is hardly a paper that I don’t hunt through for all the news, and things look black I tell you.  I wish I could write more about it but I haven’t the time.  Lewis dear you must be careful not to fall asleep at your prayers as you are liable to get sick in consequnce, you know God don’t want that, sooner make your prayers a little shorter.  Lewis dear don’t try to give me any excuse about it being natural for you or any one else to have such hard headaches, just get that out of your head, I guess your tomach is out of order (excuse my straight-forwardness please) and I think a good table-spponful of “B.S.” is a good remedy, now sonny, please don’t laugh at me, I mean it good with you.  About why I asked you if they used slang at the place you work, I am not going to tell you why I asked that question, if you don’t know why I asked it.  Yes Lu if we could see each other and have a good long talk just once in a while I think it would help us both along so much better, I know I at least would feel much more satisfied and not quite so terribly discouraged once in a while.  I’ll pray for you, you bet I will, and do.   Well Lewis I haven’t much to write about myself to-night for I wrote yesterday evening and told you almost all there was to tell.  I worked all day and it was a damp wet day I tell you and the wind seemed to travel about 65 or 70 miles a hour it was a terrible day, adn I didn’t feel any too well either.  I told you how I spent the evening.  Well dear it is 5 min after 10 and I must write a letter to G.H. before I can go to bed, so I must say good-night dear although I would like to stay with you longer.  Good night, take the very best care of your self and always think of me as your very own true and loving Rosalie

Good-night dear with lots of kisses – Dody

I read Geo’s letter but have not got the time to write anything about it – your Dody


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