1898, March 28 – Letter from Rosalie Bauwens to Lewis Hesse

Rosalie starts off with a stern warning for Lewis, then goes on to detail some fun with family & friends.  Read a transcript of the letter below (original misspellings & all) or click on the image links to view the actual letter. As you read the transcript of the letter click on the links to view information & images about what they are discussing.


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Transcript of letter:

St. Louis, March 28, 1898

Dearest Lewis:

Your welcome letter of the 26 just read.  You say that you worked Sunday Lulu; well I was working hard too, trying to run away from myself or from my thoughts, and I partly succeeded too.  I’ll tell you more about it later.  I’m glad you did write this short letter so that I’d get it this evening, because – well I don’t know myself, but I guess you like to get a letter from me too, don’t  you dear? I’m glad to note that you make no mention of feeling bad in this letter, and that’s equal to saying you were well.  take good care of yourself dear for both your own sake and mine.  Lewis you must not get in the habit of fool playing for some day you may prefer that to my company, then if I scold good and hard there may be occasion for just a little trouble. – Great jims here comes that Irish Dan again; he’s been here 3 times since I told you about him in my last letter one of those 3 times was all Sunday afternoon adn evening, well I’ll stop now, as Jack and Edd are out and I’ll have to speak to him till they come, so bye bye, till I can give my whole attention to you again, don’t get jealous darling, you know there is no need of it, for Dan can hardly be 20 yet, if he’s that old.  but he’s a bug house. – Well Lewis, Dan isn’t gone yet but I took up this letter and, now he is asking for his hat, I’m glad of it for it’s almost 10 o’clock and he came at seven, and I must finish this letter.  Well he just said goodnight at last poor boy.  Now I’ll go on with my letter and drop Dan.  Well Lewis I’ll tell you now of myself and of things that have happened since I wrote last, which was Friday evening.  Saturday it was rainy but I spent a passible day at work and when 4 o’clock came I got in the car and went to Aunt Mamie’s I stayed there till after supper then came home in the soaking rain.  When I got home the boys had 5 of their friends there among them that Irish kid.  Well some one else was waiting for me also that was Julie.  She is well and still works at the same place.  but she had been sick and that was why she was not down sooner.  She told me Lewis, that she worked out the West End when she was down last time, and I think, yes I’m almost sure she gave me a different address then, but she says she is working at the same place and now, gives me 1831 Olive St. or 1821 Olive St. as her address.  We talked a short while and she said she got a letter from George and got his picture and that G. had asked for your address and that is mainly why she came down to see me.  Julie seems discouraged, poor thing, she feels lonely.  Julie complained about you never writing to her, yes, and she got angry when I tried to excuse you.  If you should write to her dear, send the letter to me and I’ll be sure that she gets it. Well Julie went home about 9 o’clock and I had to comp on the box to Jack & Edd’s singing, and I also sang to hlep the evening to pass pleasantly for the boys.  Sunday morning it was terrible weather and I didn’t go to church.  I mended a little, and read the paper and did several other things.  At noon it cleared up and I dressed and went to Aunt Mamies for she said if I’d come in time she’d take me to theater, I got there at 1 o’clock but Mame was sick with an awful headache so we could not go.  I stayed there till 2 o’clock and then came home.  All my folks but ma were over at J’s.  I fooled around home till half past 3 and then went to J’s also, and mamma came over for supper.  When I come at J’s there wer the boys again, Jack, Edd, Edd Deckleman, Ben Sanders and Dan.  Otto as panting the walls of J’s parlor, and we managed to have a real good time.  While I think of it I must tell you that our little Myrtle has just cut two teeth and is the dearest, sweetest little darling ever breathed.  Well in the evening the boys intended to go to Mamie Pullen’s.  I was asked to go too, and I said I would if the weather would permit.  When we were at supper the wind was blowing terribly and the clouds looked fearful.  But the storm did not last long, although it frightened the life out of me.  When it passed us I was afraid it would strike some certain place in Ill., catch on?  Tell me dear did it storm up there any Sunday night?  Well we went to Mamie Pullen’s and had a pretty good time till 10 o’clock.  Lewis ome time ago I told you in a letter that I wrote a letter for Julie to Ott.  asking for the money he owed her, you remember, don’t you?  Well I never could be in Ott’s company since then but what I had to act two faced and feel terribly mean, and Ott would be so god to me, so I couldn’t do it any longer.  You see dear, the letter I wrote for Julie was a rough one, I put in it that “If O. J. Miller was not all together a dirty dog, he’d see that Julie could get that money from Jennie’s house shortly.”  Now Lewis, I was angry at Ott. when I wrote that and I believed waht I wrote, but I was made angry by what Julie told me.  Well Sunday as soon as I got the chance I called ott aside adn told him everything.  I couldn’t act two-faced no longer, but Lewis when Ott heard that, I wrote that letter the tears just rolled down his cheeks and gee whis, I felt like a criminal.  Well I told him just why I wrote it, and then to partly clear himself he showed me letters from Julie that proved that Julie had told me several fibs, which had I known they were fibs I never would have written such a letter.  Well Ott & I made it alright with one another, but I don’t think he’ll ever forget it.  I don’t like it that Julie tells me fibs, she gets my sympathy and then I get into trouble.  If I pull myself out of this mind you bet it’s the last one I get into.  Well today passsed alright and now it’s amost 11 o’clock.  It’s turning real cold out side and all the folks are gone to bed I’m real tired now and I think I’ll close for this time.  The folks all send their very best regards and wishes so darling old Lewis mine, with a whole lot of kisses and one good hug I remain your

own true and loving


write soon.  Good night dear.


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