1898, March 3 – Letter from Rosalie Bauwens to Lewis Hesse

Rosalie writes more of her love-sickness, their future, sentiment over the war in St. Louis, and as always throws in a bit of flirting.  Read a transcript of the letter below (original misspellings & all) or click on the image links to view the actual letter. As you read the transcript of the letter click on the links to view information & images about what they are discussing.


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Transcript of letter:

St. Louis, March 3, 1898

Dearest Lewis:

Your letter of the second received and read.  I having eaten my supper and dressed myself in a wrapper, will now answer it.  N. G & J. S will give their wedding at her house and they say it won’t be a large one, no one particularly invited but relatives; that’s all blarney Lu, but Idon’t care as far as I’m conserned.  although slightly invited I wouldn’t go.  I’d only feel forsaken and alone, no matter how attentive people were to me.  I’ll stay home and crochet or do something else to pass the time.  Maybe before long (at least I hope so) we may be albe to tell them a story somewhat like theirs; how about it Lu?  If George H. should call on me I’ll do as you say; but it seems as though you are rather anxious to see George H. don’t it dear?  The war question has no new features this past week and everybody seems disgusted with the president and the government in general.  You say if you were with me you’d help me to get well.  Well dear I think there is a good deal in that; I know I’d feel a very great deal more satisfied.  You say “there will come a time when we both will see better days”, well dear I’m afraid that will be long in comingk for you remember the motto or saying “Talk is cheap, but it takes money, etc.”  Well darling if you don’t remember it, I do.  What do you say to that view of the situation dear?  kind of discouraging isn’t it?  Well Lewis if I do always see the most difficult part of things, most of the time it is well to know and keep them in view.  But it is far from me to discourage you dear for there are many bright sides to our future, one I have good reason to believe is that I won’t be near as sickly after I have a little household of my own to take care of, but I will not tell you just why I have reason to think so dear.  I also think that you will be a great deal more satisfied too, am I right?  I am much obliged to you for your orange chips, they taste fine, send some more when you eat oranges.  I haven’t tasted an orange for ever so long.  Think of me when you eat the next one.  Well I will tell you now how I spent the time since Tuesday evening.  I believe Lewis dear I’m getting to be a toper, I drink a glass of red wine before each meal, and for the last week or so I have taken a hot whiskey tody every night before I got to sleep, for to0ward evening my cough gets so tight that I find it necessary to get myself into a sweat when I go to bed; in the morning then I have a loose cough for an hour or so.  Well Tuesday night I slept well, and spent a passible day at work.  Wednesday evening I taught that frind of Edd’s another pice on the guitar and crched a while, said my prayers, and went to bed.  Today I felt alright at work only for my cold.  This evening I am writing to my own Lewis and after I finish writing and have mailed this letter I’ll crochet a while read my little book, say my prayers, pray for my “sonnie”, take a hot tody, and go to sleep.  Well I think I told all there is to tell so far.  Take good care of yourself, be good to yourself, see that no har whatever happens to you, think of me and pray for me.  Good night dearest till next time.  I won’t go out in the hall, for it’s too cold, take care of yourself, good night with a kiss I remain

Your own true


I wrote with that dear little pen again it writes as easy as a pencil see.  Dody

I bet a cent you laughing at the last part of this letter.  good night darling

Your Dody


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