1898, February 18 – Letter from Rosalie Bauwens to Lewis Hesse

Rosie writes further of the reaction in St. Louis to the possibility of war, the volunteer troops that are beginning to form & she wants to know what Lewis thinks of the situation.  She worries about his health and lack of sleep.  Read a transcript of the letter below (original misspellings & all) or click on the image links to view the actual letter. As you read the transcript of the letter click on the links to view information & images about what they are discussing.


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Transcript of letter:

St. Louis, Feb. 18, 1898

Dearest Lewis:

Your welcome letter received and read.  Well now answer it.  Lewis dear you must not think of me so much if it robs you of your much needed sleep, for your health comes first don’t forget that please, you must keep well you hear Lucy?  I don’t sleep extra well either these last few nights, but I blame it all on the excitement connected with the extra papers concerning war with Spain, not that I don’t think of you dear, it is just you that makes me take so deep an interest in the whole thing, and why I want to know the full particulars, for the last 3 evenings I have done almost nothing but read the papers.  The St. Louis people are almost wild about the matter and in many places here they are organizing companies of volunteers.  Lewis dear tell me what you think about the matter, how do the folks in Joliet take it.  Are there any extras circulated?  We for the last three days have at least 5 extras adn one day we had 9, most all of them are Post Dispatched, they do publish things as though war could not be avoided, but I hope that half of it is fake stuff in order to make money.  I wish I could tell you just how they publish things but I can’t dear, I guess you will have chance Sunday to read the papers and talk over the matter with someone.  Then dear write to me.  Lewis dear, don’t worry about Dan and I, I’m not afraid of him, no matter where, or under what circumstances I should meet him.  I don’t think it likely I meet him though.  Rest assured, I would know how to manage him should a meeting come to pass, I’m not in the least afraid of him.  Ida is getting somewhat better, her cough has almost all left.  I hope she will be well in a short time.  My cough is a great deal better but my side pain gives me much trouble these last few days, owing to the excitement no doubt.  I will be weighed again Saturday and will tell you about it in one of my next letters.  The folks are all well including the Decklemann’s and their good wishes and best regards.  You say you don’t like my side-pain a bit.  Well I don’t either, but Dr. says my lungs are all right, he said that 2 days ago to mamma, she was much worried about it since my last sick spell and asked him about it.  Don’t worry dear, I’ll get rid of it again as I get stronger, see dear I only weigh 102 lbs., and excitement and thoughts will naturally grasp a person, especially after having had such a cough, and then I am anyway very delicate on the left side.  but I am getting stronger right along so don’t lose any sleep over that Lewis.  Just please take good care of yourself.  Drink now and then a glass or two of beer before you go to bed, and then try not to think, but instead pray a prayer or two, it will help you to get good sleep, you see dear I am sending you a perscrption on a perscription blank, I hope if you follow it out it will do you good.  After work tomorrow I am going to Aunt Mame’s she wants me to make her some more Christmas flowers, and promised me some crazy patches.  I will come home at 6 o’clock, and the boys & I are going to Jennie’s because it is Will D’s birthday, I wish you could be with me, for I will feel as though I am all alone in a crowd again.  That’s true Lu, I feel more lonesome in a crowd than when I am all alone.  Well “What is the use of complaining”, I hope “We will be happy love when summer comes again”, what do you think dear?  Well Lewis it is almost 10 oclock and as I did not sleep well last night I must quit writing now and get to bed, but I’ll pray for you dear and also that you stay healthy and sleep better here after.  Say Lewis dear what in particular do you think of about me, when you can’t sleep from all thinking anyway?  Well good night dear, with love and a kiss from your own Dody I remain Your very own loving Rosalie B.


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