1898, January 26 – Letter & Newspaper Clipping from Rosalie Bauwens to Lewis Hesse

Rosalie recounts a recent storm, the weight she has lost & how she wishes Lewis would write more often.  Read a transcript of the letter below (original misspellings & all) or click on the image links to view the actual letter. As you read the transcript of the letter click on the links to view information & images about what they are discussing.


Click on a link to view the image: (some images can be further enlarged by clicking on them once they open)

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Transcript of letter:

St. Louis, Jan. 26, 1878

Dearest Lewis

I send you a record of our little spring cyclone of Tuesday morning so that you might know the full extent of it.  I hope I’ll get a letter from you this afternoon if I don’t I’ll just about think you are a little stingy and don’t want to write till you get an answer to your first letter.  Don’t be stingy in writing Lu, you see I didn’t hear one word of you since Sunday morning and this is Wednesday, and if you saw me I know you’d be good for I am such a poor skinny little one.  I’m thinner than I ever was and too weak to be up more than half hour at a time.  I saw the Dr. yesterday, and he was shocked at the way I  had fallen away.  He gave me new medicine.  I’ll tell you more about everything when I answer your next letters.  We were terribly frighted at the storm.  Write whenever you have a chance dear, I need it Lewis, my courage fails me only too easily these last few days since I haven’t got you near me.  Please dear, don’t think me a baby.  although they all treat me as one, even doctor, I am still  your own Rosalie.

Till next time,



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