1897, August 31 – Letter from George Hesse to brother Lewis Hesse

George writes his brother to tell him he will leave for home in two days.  This letter is writte on Seamen’s Read Room of The Port Mission of Baltimore City letterhead.  Read a transcript of the letter below (original misspellings & all) or click on the image links to view the actual letter. As you read the transcript of the letter click on the links to view information & images about what they are discussing.


Click on a link to view the image: (some images can be further enlarged by clicking on them once they open)

Envelope Front     Envelope Back      Letter Page 1      Letter Page 2


Transcript of letter:

August 31, 1897

Dar Bro:-

I am now in Balto. again and in a couple of days will leave for St Louis.  I am well and hearty and hope this letter will find you the same.  How is Lulu & May getting along & yourself also?  Today is tuesday & I leave for st Louis Thursday so you may expect me in, on, or about the 12th of sept. or the evening ahead as it is Sunday the 12 I met a man who knows Otto Miller and he told me Otto went to sale Lake City is that so?  Write right away Lewis and let me know how things are going in St Louis.  when writing address Your Bro

Geo Hesse


Cincinnatti Ohio


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