1895-1897 – Math exercises

This was in a pile with the 1895 stuff though it is not dated.  I would guess this is a mathmatical exercise being written for someone, but I have no record yet of a teacher in the family.  And in case you have trouble figuring out the apple conundrum here you go.


Click on a link to view the image: (some images can be further enlarged by clicking on them once they open)

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The rat lays in the center of 25 square acres of land laying in a square.  Over how many acres must he run no matter what way he turns to get out of the scrape?  O. C.

He must have a hat full of apples give half of the hat full and a half apple to the father without cutting, then with what he has left go to the mother, give her half of them and half an apple without cutting then with the girl and gave her half the apples and a half a apple without cutting, and have 1 apple left for himself.  How many apples must he have in the first place?


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