1899, August 2 – Letter from Julie Hesse to brother Lewis Hesse

Julie recounts her difficulty finding work & getting along with Mammie in Hot Springs, as well as visits from Carl and Hazel.  Read a transcript of the letter below (original misspellings & all) or click on the image links to view the actual letter. As you read the transcript of the letter click on the links to view information & images about what they are discussing.


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Transcript of Letter:

Dear brother Lewis:—

Received your letter and also Geo’s was glad to hear from you would of answered sooner.  But every time I write a letter to st. Louis it gives me the blues.  how is Rose and your self, good to hear you have steady work, thats more than I can say I have got, I have not worked a day since I came down hear which was the 5th of April, everything down here wants colored help. I have got a good notion to black my face and here out as the best in Arkansas.  You remember I worked at the Potland Hotel in St. Louis, well – the proprietor and wife was down hear at the springs, I met him and he told me I was a bad girl for coming down hear, and said he would take me back and start me to work for him again.  We were to leave to-day, I went to town Monday to see about it, and he had already left, and left me behind so you see I am nocked out.  Lewis it hurt me awful bad to leave St. Louis and not tell you and Rosie good-bye.  But I felt as though neither one of you cared about me; Rose never came to see me, and I felt as though I was an out cast;  Well never mind there’ll (???) a time when I can be just as indefferent (??) as the next one.  Of course I don’t see what brought me down here, If I new then what I know now I’d never come down Julie Proctor Aunt Emm and Aunt Minerva all said I ought to help Mammie out as she has got such a hard time.  Well Lewis I did, I came down here with almost $15.00 and what did I do but turn it over to Mammie for she needed it more than I did. At the same time I could of made very good use of every cent. what does she do now but try her best to get me under her thumb nail simply because I am under obligations to her.  I have found out the further away from my relations the better off I am.  I have been awful sick since I came down here allmost kicked the bucket which I wish a thousand times since that I had.  Had I stayed in St Louis I would neither been sick or out of work.  would of been making my $5.00 a week at the Hotel, and seen what I had for it too.  Well Lewis it is getting late I want to get this letter off on the 2.50 train.  OK I forgot to tell you I had to have my head shaved when I was sick you ought to see How funny I look.  I look like a boy it is about 1 1/2 inches long now.  Give Rose my best Love and wishes Tell her I will write to her If she will answer my letter. Guess Mammie and Baby are all well send them best respects.  Mamie Just (??) Martha Muldner’s picture this morning it is a very good one.  Well Lewis now write soon and don’t wait as long as I did to answer.  Hope this will find you well and happy.  I will close with love and kisses from (0ver)

Your loving sister

Julie Hesse

Hot Spring, Ars

Carl left Hot Springs about 4 weeks ago Hazel left a week ago last saturday you can see them at the Glalie (??) theatre.  In cae they are not working thus you can see them in Manion Park in Carondelet you know where it is across from Klausmann’s Lane.  They will only be in St. Louis about 4 more weeks.  next season they are going to Pacific coast.  Bye-bye Julie Hesse


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