July 21, 1899 – Letter from soldier George Hesse to brother Lewis Hesse

George recounts his thankfulness for his brother’s good deed by offering a loan & asks him to send him ammunition for his revolver from home while a soldier stationed in Cuba during the Spanish American War. Read a transcript of the letter below (original misspellings & all) or click on the image links to view the actual letter. As you read the transcript of the letter click on the links to view information & images about what they are discussing.


Click on a link to view the image: (some images can be further enlarged by clicking on them once they open)

Envelope Front     Envelope Back      Letter Page 1      Letter Page 2-3      Letter Page 4


Transcript of letter:

Holguin Cuba 7/21/99

Dear Bro:—-

Hello!  Lewis how are you getting along now old boy?  All right I hope.  Got a job yet?  If you haven’t why, just come down here & I will see that you can get one that will pay you $75.00 a month & board working for the pack-train, shoving mules.  I am having a great old time here now nothing to do & lots to eat & the best part of it is, that the money don’t stop comming, $50.00 & the easiest money I ever made in my life.  Well kid, how are you any how?  When are you goign to get married, hey!? Just as soon as you make up your mind I want you to tell me about it & I will be there if I have to walk all of the way.  Say Lewis, I don’t want to hurt your feelings at all but do you need any money to get married?  if you do, Lou, just call on me for a hundred any time you want to & it will go back by the next mail.  I haven’t forgot what you did for me that winter & I want to do something in return for it, for if it hadn’t been for you, God knows where I would have been now, so don’t hesatate a minute if you want a little money for I have got it & can’t spend it, for there is nothing here to spend it for. I am going to ask you to do something for me, enclosed you will find a card & I want you to get me a hundred just like it & send them to me for I can not get any here in Cuba & no other will fit my revolver & I have only 6 left so please don’t forget.  They are called .38 cal. Winchester center fire.  You will find a couple of Photos of myself in here & I want you & Rose both to send me yours for I want some thing to look at, & remind me of you. Well Lewis give my best regards to all of the family & tell them all to write & do so yourself just as soon as you get through reading this & let it be a long letter & tell me every thing that has happened since your last letter.  Well Good Bye Lou

Your Loving Bro

George Hesse

Holguin Cuba

Pack Train #13

P.S. Enclosed find $5.00 which will pay for the cartridges & send them & also pay the Duty on them if there is any


Pictures, 2 for you, 2 for Rose



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