August 28, 1899: Letter from soldier Edward Prise to cousin Rosalie Bauwens

Edward recounts gifts given to him by his Cuban love, their next orders & a storm that disrupted their camp while a 23-year old soldier stationed in Cuba during the Spanish American War.  Read a transcript of the letter below (original misspellings & all) or click on the image links to view the actual letter. As you read the transcript of the letter click on the links to view information & images about what they are discussing.


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Transcript of letter:

Troop B 8th Cavy.

Puerto Princepe Cuba

B.8.U.S. Cav.

Aug 28, 1899

Dear Cousin Rosalie,

I received your long letter and was glad to hear from you. Rosalie i am well at present and i am glad to hear that you and all the folks are the same. Well theare is not so much sickness down hear now any more like theare was but they is enough yet. Rosalie we had a little storm down hear the other day and it blew about half of our tents down and theare was a hot time in the old camp for a wile. the wind would blow the tents up in the air and the soldier would hold on the ropes to keep the tent down and it would take them up in the air like a baloon. theare was no one hurt but we got every thing that we had wet and had to put the tents up again Well Rosalie theare is some talk about us comeing back to the States next month and i think that every one will be glad to go back we will soon be down hear 10 monts i think that is long enough for any white man to be down in a place llike this. Rosalie the quartine will stop the first of next month adn then i can go to town agin and see my girl. Rosalie you no i told you that the cubans were all black and that they were no account and lazy but this girl of mine is not black and lazy she has had good raisen and she has got awfel nice parents. they think that i am the only one. this girl of ine made me two silk shirts and gave me two silk hankerchiefs with this in one corner and gave them to me for my birthday. don’t you think that is all rigth of her. Well Rosalie we will stop about the girl question and talk about some thing else. By the way i got a letter from my sister Ida and she tells me that she thinks that my step mother is going to get maried again but that don’t inter rest me does it you Ida says that every one is well at home and that they woudl like to see me but it will be 11 monts yet before any one will see me. my time is getting short now Rosalie i am getting along all right in the army i never have bin in trouble yet i am corperal now and i think that i will be made a Sergant before long Well Rosalie i am awfel glad to hear that you are going to get married i would like to be theare to be groomsman. but i gess that i won’t be theare do you. i am to far away but i wish you and your intenent Mr Hesse good luck and happyness Rosalie i am glad to hear that you are haveing a good time down in the country i would like to be down with you all theare i go a gain what is the youse to wish for any thing while i am in the army 11 monts and then i can wish. Rosalie i am sorry that Aunt Ida is taeing it so hard over Uncal Jim (???)but I can not blame her they got along so well togeather and now they are parted I think that it is awfel funy that they can not find out who the man is who killed him i think if i was theare i would trail him up. the peopole down theare must be awfel slow don’t you think so. Rosalie i am glad to hear that you had so much fun at Aunt Katies and that gramma is so lively and in good health and i gess that Cousin Pauline is getting to be quite a young lady now and how is Cousin Julie is she so small yet. Rosalie i am sorry that Aunt Pauline has bin sick but i gess that she will be well the next time i hear from you again. Tell Unkle John and Aunt Mary that if ever i come back that i will be around to see them. You no the way it is down hear a man don’t no if he will come back or not a man is not sure of his life down hear a man gets sick to day and dies tomorrow. and if i get back i can count my self a luckey man don’t you. Rosalie does your brothers ever talk about joinging the army if they do tell them to take a fools advice and stay out of it. Rosalie the army is all right for a man that don’t care for to have any fun but i like to have a little sport some times. But if you look at it in the right way sporting life is the cause of me being in the army. Rosalie we have got a lot of new recruits in our troop and i have got 10 men that i have to drill and i have got a hard time of it they don’t no nothing adn you ought to see some of them on a horse you would die laughing at them when they ride. it is better than a Circus. Rosalie we are going out in the woods about 45 miles from hear theare is some trouble out theare with the cubans but i gess that it won’t amount to much when we get theare i will tell you about it in my next letter that i write. well it looks like it is going to rain again for a change it has not rained sence yesterday and i think that it would be a mistery if it would mis a day with out raining. well Rosalie i think that i have told you all that i can think of for this time so i will close for this time give all of the folks my best regards and your sister Jennie little baby must hurry up and get well so good by i remain your cousin Ed. Prise. answer soon.

Edward H. Prise

B 8th US Cavalry

Puerto Principe Cuba



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