October 2, 1899 – Letter from soldier Edward Prise to cousin Rosalie Bauwens

Edward recounts the lessening occurances of yellow fever, being reunited with his Cuban love, his new troop assignment, a young mother suffering the death of her baby back home, and the ongoing mystery of the other murder back home while a 23-year old soldier stationed in Cuba during the Spanish American War.

Read a transcript of the letter below (original misspellings & all) or click on the links to view the actual documents. The letter also contains links to information/images of family members & historical references made in the letter.


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Envelope Front     Envelope Back     Letter Page 1-2     Letter Page 3-4


Transcript of letter:

Puerto Princepe Cuba

October 2, 1899

K.8.U.S. Cavy.

Dear Rosalie

Your letter received and read with pleasure Rosalie i am still in good health and getting along verry good Rosalie that trip that i was going out on that i told you about was no so bad like i thought it was going to be we arested 6 cubans and brought them in camp with us but they was let loose again. Rosalie i don’t think that i will get to come back to the states like i thought i was.  they are 4 troops going back but they are not going to take all of the men back with them they are ondly going to take back all of the Sergants 2 cooks 1 blacksmith 1 saddler 1 farier 1 wagner and the sick men and the Corperals and the rest of the men are transferred to other troops i am in K Troop now and i like my new troop all right so far i am still a Corp’l. the troops that are going back to the states are A. B. C and D and i hope that they will have a good time when they get back i know that i would have a good time if ever i get back.  Well Rosalie we had pay day last week and they was a hot time in the camp ever sence the soldiers are rasin — and haveing a good old, but i gess that it will soon die out again.  Well Rosalie i thought that that letter that i got from you you was going to be married but i see you are not i think that if you don’t hurry on i will beat you yet.  I am still going with my Cuban girl.  Well i got an other letter from my sister Eida and Mamie rote to me i tell you Rosalie it makes me feel good to get letters from home.  I also got a letter from Cousin Pauline Modde and she tells me all about the picnic that they had in Belgiove i would of liked to of bin thear.  Rosalie i am sorry to hear the sad news of Cousin Jeannie’s little baby being dead.  I think that Jennie must be in trouble i feel awfel sorry for her but tell her not to worry her self because she is to young to worry it will make her sick to.  Rosalie we are haveing some awfel heavy rains down hear in the last week and i think that it is going to snow because it is getting cold down hear now i went skateing last week and had a good old time nit.  Well how is all of the folks down in belgiove getting along is gramma still in good health give her my best regards and tell her that i am still alive.  is Aunt Ida and her family getting along all right have they found out the man who killed Unkle Jim (Lun??) yet.  Rosalie i have not got much to write to night so i will close my letter hopeing to hear from you soon again so give all of your folks my best regards and tell them that i will be around soon so good night.  and keep well and as you said you was in your last letter.  so i remain your cousin Ed. Prise.

My adress is this way now

Corp’l Edward Prise

K Troop 8.U.S.Cav.

Puerto Principe Cuba



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