Preserving History

Welcome to the Our Wonderful Family History website. Here we will decipher the correspondence & photos dating our family back to the 1890s (so far).  Check out this image of the letters we are currently working on which each pile dated (mostly pre-1900).  The correspondence is quite aged &  falling apart; the print is fading & the history along with it. This website constitutes a quite permanent record (of a small portion of our large) family history. If you have any old family correspondence or photos let me know & we can consolidate them here.

Please take advantage of the comment section below each blog entry to call out any identifying information you may know that is not detailed in the post.  Independent research is highly encouraged.

I’ll be posting a couple of letters/photos each week until we get through the whole pile, then I’ll hit up any old memorabilia I have in storage.  After that I’d love to add anything you may have to contribute to the family history.  Right now I’d like to keep this to anything prior to 1930 (exceptions gladly made for special pieces).



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